Month: June 2017

Must watch movies of 2017

Why should you check out the newest movies?

2017 so far has proved to be both as exhausting as 2016 but at the same time much more kind to people. However, for anyone who is looking to escape some of the days clouded by rain and lack of sunshine, the movies are a great way to do so. Luckily, 2017 has a lot of great movies under its belt already with many more still scheduled to come. So here are the must watch movies of 2017!

Get Out by Jordan Peele

Get out is an amazing social-commentary horror that reflects on the modern society’s stand on race or rather how despite all the steps forward it seems that still none improvement has been made in how African-American men are treated. The film’s main protagonist starts growing wary when visiting his white girlfriend’s family at their rural estate for the first time. His feelings of being uncomfortable especially grow after encounter with fellow African-Americans, whose strange behaviour make him suspect that something is not right. Creator of the movie – Jordan Peele has seeked inspiration from classical horror hits like The Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby but manages to surprise the audience with his razor-sharp wit and stunning cinematography.

Toni Erdmann by Maren Ade

If you ever felt embarrassed by your parents, especially your dad – then this movie is right for you! As far as embarrassing fathers go, Toni Erdmann is the worst of them all! The movie is a three-hour long comedy that focuses on a young workaholic German woman – Ines and the relationship between her and her dishevelled, ageing father Winfried who simply loves practical jokes. Winfried was supposed to visit his daughter for only a weekend, but refuses to leave and instead pretend to be a wealthy life coach called Toni Erdmann. Supposedly parents will go any lengths to make their children happy…

La la land by Damien Chazelle

This is a movie that will be added to almost all ‘Must Watch’ movie lists from now on. We are adding it into this list for many reasons, but one of the most important ones being the fact that this movie a reminder to people how great musicals are. La La Land is extremely romantic and stylish movie, one would even say that movies like that are extremely rare nowadays. It is a movie that manages to portray a believable love story in the city of angels, where the protagonist experience lots of up and downs. And it is a story that each person who has ever been in love with recognize with ease, because the feelings felt by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the ones that we all experience at least once in our life.