Why Poker Movies Suck?

Today I saw a funny tweet by Brian Koppelman, one of the screenwriters for arguably poker’s best movie, Rounders (1998). The tweet was an answer to someone and said: “Oh. Do you want Rounders 2? No one ever mentions it.’ Of course, Mr. Koppelman is being sarcastic here. But the reason why everyone, at least […]

How did movies affect this girl?

How do movies affect our behaviour?

When was the last time you watched a movie because you felt sad? Do you often catch yourself babbling that you are up for a comedy? No-brainer to see that movies can affect our mood and emotions. They can make you laugh out loud, probably did multiple times, didn’t they? And just the same they […]

Must watch movies of 2017

Why should you check out the newest movies? 2017 so far has proved to be both as exhausting as 2016 but at the same time much more kind to people. However, for anyone who is looking to escape some of the days clouded by rain and lack of sunshine, the movies are a great way […]


How to Choose Best Movies

The Hidden Gem of Best Movies Several the top movies are created by women and men working together who despise one another’s guts. It is not only the perfect superhero film. Itis a must-see flick for everybody. Richard Linklater’s movies are full of energetic observations in little doses. This movie has all the dash of […]


What You Can Do About Cinema Starting in the Next Five Minutes

Many theatres are old and supply only uncomfortable seats and terrible good quality sound. In the mid-1910s big city theaters started to use organists or a little ensemble while the bigger theatres occasionally utilized a considerable orchestra. My personal film theatre was made! Assume that you simply unintentionally visit the theatre along with your buddies […]