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What Powers Do Movies Actually Have Over US

Like the universe-old debate of the chicken and the egg, similar one concerns free will. Elon Musk seems to think we may be living in a Matrix-like simulation and free will is an illusion. The other school of thought claims that humans are the masters of their own destiny. In the same manner we tend […]

Look at the classics: top 7 movies of the 70-90s

How to catch up on the classical cinema of the 70-90s? Everyone knows it but for some reason everyone still finds it very difficult to follow. What do we mean? We mean the classics! All the classical books and movies! There are so so many yet with so little time it is almost impossible to […]

Who doesn't love James Bond? | Casino Royale

Best Casino Movies Ever

Cinema has always suffered the charm of gambling. The combination of money has in fact had a long time in films. We propose you the list of the best movies on the international cinemas casino. La Stangata (“The Sting”, 1973) Stangata is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful film betting movies in movie history. Paul […]