How do movies affect our behaviour?
Posted on: August 10, 2017, by : Den Gorden
How did movies affect this girl?

When was the last time you watched a movie because you felt sad? Do you often catch yourself babbling that you are up for a comedy? No-brainer to see that movies can affect our mood and emotions. They can make you laugh out loud, probably did multiple times, didn’t they? And just the same they can make you cry like a baby. Notebook, anybody? But did you ever imagine how much they can affect our behaviour?

Making choices

Recently friend of mine bought a dress and told me she cannot wear it in public as it is too inappropriate. When I asked why she bought it then, she said, it looks like the dress the main character wore in Basic Instinct. You can laugh about it or not but movies do affect how we make some choices. It can be random and casual ones like shopping for clothes and it can be a lot more serious ones, such as changing jobs or moving to another country. Movies are one of the sources how we get information about the world we live in, so, naturally, they unconsciously give suggestions how to live in it or sometimes how to not. And since those are passive suggestions, up to you to make a choice and take them or not.

Copying the characters

One of the most debated topics about TV and movies is how they affect the children. No doubt, young kids have a habit of imitating what they see in everyday life and if it is some violent movies, you might be not knowingly raising a troublemaker. So better just stick with the cartoons or Dora’s adventures to make your kid an explorer.

But sometimes even us grown-ups want to feel like our cherished characters in the movies and we copy their behaviour. Don’t throw stones or anything, but I wanted to go to casino because of James Bond’s movies. Unfortunately, only casinos available for my blogger-on-a-budget-watching-too-many-movies lifestyle were online ones. Some online guides helped me to find out more about phone casinos, I tried poker for the very first time, so almost felt like in Casino Royale.

Approaching others

Finally, knowingly or not, what we watch affects our behaviour towards other people. We learn how to flirt, how to win arguments, how to lie, how to deal with friends going through a break-up, how to make a chit-chat at barber’s or bluff in poker – yep, that helped me a lot, BTW – all because we saw so many examples of the ways people conduct themselves in such settings in, yes, movies. Feel free to drop me a message ‘You were right, dude’ next time you catch yourself quoting High Fidelity to your heart-broken friend.

That’s it for my blabbering today. Don’t worry though. I’ll be back.

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