Will Fidget Spinners Make their Movie Debut
Posted on: August 22, 2017, by : Den Gorden
fidget spinners and movie

As someone who was born 30 years ago, I’ve already lived through my share of teen trends that came and went away. I remember yo-yos, Tamagotchis, Pogs. Man, those were fun days. But the reason I was sceptic when my nephew asked me to buy him three fidget spinner is because I knew how temporary are those crazes. So, you buy yourself a drawer-full of yo-yos, fidget spinners, whatever the craze is that day and within a month the craze has passed. Or rather, a new one has started, so instead of playing with your mountain of fidget spinners, you are looking to buy whatever has come next.


Fidget Spinners – waste of money?


I’m not against having fun. But spending money on something that you won’t even look at after a month does seem like a huge waste for me. And to prove that, I actually set out to do some research. I wanted to see how many of these crazes have reached Hollywood.

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I did not make a distinction between a movie that was make at the time or a contemporary movie depicting 80s or 90s. Obviously, this is not going to be an extensive research. At this point I can only test what I myself have seen as a craze.


In my opinion, the fact that pretty much only yo-yos have spread speak volumes. You can now see yo-yos in different ads, movies made both 20 years ago as well as today and television series like the Medium, the Simpsons and a couple dozen of others.


But besides the yo-yos, there is not much that has taken off in popularity after the first wave with maybe an exception of card-based games which had a tremendous advantage. Instead of being solo games, they have actually built communities around. So, whether it is Yu-Gi-Oh or Hearthstone, they all have stayed because of the people that were involved.


Did Pokemeon Go blowup 


Adult Pikachu mascot Pokemon GoYou may be thinking, then how come didn’t Pokemon Go craze stay longer? I think, the lack of nostalgia is the answer here. In essence, Pokemon Go blew up because so many people wanted to try enhanced reality for the first time, not because they missed watching and/or playing Pokemon. So, despite having a community, Pokemon lasted only a month. Of course, there are always true fans that still play but that still proves my point. Crazes come and go, and only if you discovered a new skill in you or found a new group of friends due to the new gadget, you are likely to see the craze leave as fast as it came.


All in all, that’s why I don’t think fidget spinners is a trend that is here to stay for long. This is a solo activity that, to be honest, gets boring pretty fast. Not to say there is no potential for skill-based fidget spinner competitions. Time will tell. However, my prediction is that the craze will die out before the end of summer unless kids in schools will keep it alive until Halloween.

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